Earn up to three times the rent for your single family home with shared housing

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We have good news! Beat the tanking Stock Market and Crush Inflation. Our real estate portfolio of shared homes continues to increase in value, make double to triple cash flow paid by federal and agency contracts AND we are helping veterans and people in recovery.

We will show you how a small adjustment in your real estate strategy can insulate you from the stock market drops and catapulting inflation. Shared Housing beats the market in both good times and bad times.

Find your purpose, create your financial legacy and create your retirement for decades to come.

Kevin Harrington ("Shark Discoveries") Partnered with Frank and Sherri to Promote the Kate's House Foundation Model of Recovery Housing

Shared Housing Solutions, LLC, the funding mechanism for new homes for Kate's House Foundation is pleased to announce that Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington ("Shark Discoveries") have partnered with Kate's House Foundation to be featured on cable TV networks, including print and digital promotions. Kevin Harrington is a globally respected entrepreneur, investor, and was an original Shark on the hit ABC's series, Shark Tank.



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About Learning Shared Housing From Frank & Sherri

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Make your investments do more. Invest for-profits and invest in others. Investments in shared-housing is one of the most rewarding investments you can make.

  • Unprecedented Demand
  • Recession-Resistant Assets
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Above Average Rates-of-Return
  • Social Impact for Good 

Invest in shared-housing by leveraging the expertise of our seasoned investment professionals. Sherri and Frank have a proven track record and access to their proprietary deal flow of shared-housing opportunities.  If you qualify, you can join Shared Housing Solutions on their next investment in these overlooked investments. 

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You qualify as an Accredited Investor if you meet any of the following criteria: a) You earn over $200,000 in annual income, b) You, together with your spouse earn over $300,000 in joint annual income, c) You have a net worth, exceeding $1,000,000 (excluding the the value of my primary residence), individually or together with my spouse.


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