Shared Housing Solutions was founded in Seattle, Washington to purchase single family homes for our shared housing model in great and safe neighborhoods. Our houses are beautifully renovated and poised for appreciation and growth. Seattle has consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing state economies, a hub of technology and innovation and frequently ranks nationally as one of the highest real estate markets for both appreciation and demand.

We serve clients with housing insecurity issues. We formed Kate’s House Foundation (www.kateshousefoundation.org) to serve men and women. Then we discovered the overlooked need for housing for disabled veterans, men and women with justice issues, people in recovery, foster kids, mothers, adults aging in place, and people in drug court. Because our model is shared spaces in appreciating homes, we achieve 100% to 300% returns paid for by state and government contracts. We are national educators,  advocates, and speakers on shared housing. We have a team that provides client support and maintenance.