Goal Setting: The Visionary Approach of Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., at Kate’s House Foundation

In the world of meaningful social change, few things are as powerful as a clear, well-defined goal. This is exemplified by the inspirational work of Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., at Kate’s House Foundation, who have set a lofty yet achievable goal: to establish one Kate’s House Foundation home in every city across the United States. Their journey is not just a lesson in goal setting but a testament to the power of focused, compassionate action.

The Power of a Singular Vision

Frank and Sherri’s goal is ambitious, aiming to create a network of supportive housing options nationwide. But what makes their goal so compelling is its clarity and focus. By aiming to have one house per city, they provide a clear direction for their efforts and create a tangible benchmark for success. This clear goal keeps their team, supporters, and themselves aligned and motivated, ensuring that every action taken is a step towards this vision.

Balancing Breadth and Depth

A key aspect of their goal-setting strategy is the balance between breadth (expanding across the country) and depth (ensuring quality care and support in each house). They have not sacrificed the quality of care in their existing homes in pursuit of rapid expansion. This approach ensures that each Kate’s House Foundation home remains a beacon of hope and support, especially for veterans who often struggle to find adequate housing and care.

Political Engagement and Education: Expanding Impact

Understanding that systemic change is crucial for achieving their goal, Frank and Sherri actively engage in political advocacy. They recognize that to create a sustainable impact, they must influence policies and garner support from decision-makers. This political engagement is crucial in creating an environment where their model of compassionate housing can thrive and be replicated.

Furthermore, their commitment to teaching others their model is a strategic approach to scaling their impact. By educating other real estate investors and social entrepreneurs, they are not just expanding their reach; they are creating a movement. This educational aspect ensures that their vision and methods can be replicated, leading to a greater collective impact.

Staying Focused on the Goal

In the face of numerous challenges and potential distractions, Frank and Sherri’s unwavering focus on their goal is exemplary. They understand that to make significant progress, they cannot afford to lose sight of their primary objective. This focus is particularly important in ensuring that vulnerable groups, especially veterans, receive the support and housing they need.

Their goal-oriented approach serves as a blueprint for anyone looking to make a significant impact. By setting a clear, ambitious goal, engaging in political advocacy, educating others, and maintaining a laser focus on their objective, Frank and Sherri Candelario are not just envisioning a better future; they are actively constructing it, one house at a time.

As we observe their journey, it becomes clear that goal setting, when done right, is not just about stating an objective. It’s about inspiring action, aligning efforts, and creating a roadmap for meaningful and lasting change. Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D., are leading the way in demonstrating how focused goals can lead to significant societal transformations.








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