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Is the co-founder of Kate’s House Foundation® and Shared Housing Solutions™. Frank has expertise in luxury branding and was the spokesperson for television and radio for an international firm.

Frank created a certification program for three Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in quality control led us to standardize the shared housing model that we teach throughout the US.

As a real estate broker in Washington state, Frank has identified and rehabbed numerous properties for shared housing and was named Broker of the Month.

Frank wrote and teaches Real Estate 101 to guide people interested in shared housing on how to buy or rent a single family home for this purpose.

Frank is a musician, song writer and creates music videos to promote Kate’s House residents.


Is the co-founder of Kate’s House Foundation®, the first nationally accredited sober living homes in Washington state. Frank and Sherri brought national standards to Washington state as members of the founding board of the Washington Alliance of Quality Residences (WAQRR).

Sherri earned her doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Washington Medical School. Sherri is an expert on how opioids work in the brain.

Sherri is a federally registered patent counsel and founded the patent practices in several pioneering biotech companies in Seattle and California.

After experiencing sober living recovery homes with a family member, Sherri and her husband, Frank said “we can do better” for all people with housing insecurity. “We will own the real estate in great neighborhoods and provide a launching pad for people with housing needs”. We developed a model of charging by the bed for homes in great neighborhoods. The outcome was superior housing, federal and state contracts and people regaining their lives.

To make real change, that starts in the legislature.  They helped form the Washington State affiliate (WAQRR) in 2017.  WAQRR  subscribes to national standards for sober homes created in 2011 by the national accreditation agency (NARR).

Sherri sits on the advisory board to the legislature.  In this role they passed legislation that prevents grants and tax funding going to non-accredited homes.  Recently, they won a grant to start a new recovery home.  Their homes were the first Medically Assisted Treatment homes in Washington state.

Notably, they have spoken and trained people all over the country to copy their model of superior shared housing that is funded by government contracts.

They have trained 1000s of people in the US on their real estate model and are making societal change, one house at a time.

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